Lyrics to Viral "Arabata" [Spontaneous Song] 

Arabata was birth while we were singing to God in my living room. The word is a Yoruba term for immeasurable (too large), Aribiti is a similar word - more for emphasis on God's greatness and inability to measure how big He is. 


Araba ribiti , Aribi rabata

You parted the red, made your children to cross on dry ground

Nobody like you mighty God, Arabata ribiti, Aribi rabata

Arabata ribiti, Aribirabata  (repeat)


Olorun Iyanu, Kabio osi o

Onise iyanu ni yin, Might mighty mighty God.


Arabata ribiti, Aribirabata 

Arabata ribiti, Aribirabata  (repeat)


King of Glory, Waymaker, 

Miracle working God, nobody nobody nobody like you

Nobody like you God, 

We worship you. None compares to you God, Alewilese o.


Arabata ribiti, Aribiti rabata 

Arabata ribiti, Aribi rabata  (repeat)